Franchising Opportunities

For existing therapists, At Home Therapy is a dream come true! You get to focus on your clients and WE handle all of your billing and claims. We streamline your process and make it easy for you and your team to be clinicians and treat your clients.



Why Choose Our Franchise?

At Home Therapy is an incredible opportunity to own and operate a private practice with a minimal initial investment. It is a simple, proven, and scalable business model backed by almost 20 years of practice. As a therapist, you can focus more on quality patient care and less on hectic schedules and paperwork.

Create your own flexible schedule to best meet the needs of your patients AND your quality of life. Simply see your patients, document in our cloud based EMR, and we will handle the rest. This includes submitting your claims, processing payments, and all patient invoicing. If all this is sounding good, please learn more about us to see if At Home Therapy is a good fit for you.

A Quick Note From Greg

In 2000, when I first started At Home Therapy, I never realized the freedom it would provide.  As a single person with few obligations, At Home allowed me to work a modest schedule yet cover my expenses, fund a bit of travel, and build a savings and retirement.  By 2003, I was married and by 2006 had 2 children. During this time At Home allowed me to scale my practice and add additional PT’s and OT’s who shared in my philosophy of quality, evidenced based care in the home.  This allowed my wife to be a “stay at home mom” and me the flexibility to be a big part of their childhood. I have always been available to take them to the doctor, drop or pick them up from school, and be a soccer and gymnastics dad.  My point is this, At Home Therapy can fulfill both your personal AND professional goals.

With the baby boomer  population entering retirement, I believe At Home Therapy to be an excellent opportunity for PT’s and OT’s to build a practice that improves their patient’s lives and the quality of their own.  If this sounds the least bit intriguing to you, let’s talk.